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champ. congrats. >>> and the wax figure of lance armstrong will remain in madam tussauds's. since his confession to doping they reworded the caption to say "disqualified seventime winner of the tour de france." 0time wi of the tour de france." -time wir of the tour de france." time win of the tour de france." time win of the tour de france." -time wi of the tour de france." >>> the next breezy point, the polar bear plunge for a purpose. >>> and which ad got more bang for their $4 million bucks for the super bowl? does your favorite rate? >>> welcome back to "early today." your travel trouble spot from areas of minnesota where it showed last night. southern wisconsin, madison, milwaukee, coating of snow on the sidewalk and roads. now it's snowing in chicago. all heading for northern indiana, southern michigan, and eventually the northern half of ohio during the day today. areas like cleveland and columbus, even ft. wayne, indiana, all expected to pick up at least one or two inches of snow. you're okay in the northeast. just showers in texas. and you know, these weak stor , storms,vero
northwest. >>> in sports now, lance armstrong will be sued for millions of dollars today. sca promotions is seeking to recover $12 million it paid to armstrong for winning the tour de france. the company wants the money back in light of the cyclist's admission to doping during those races. >>> in the nba, the hot-shooting rockets take on the heat. he takes dwyane wade's hard pocket for the uncontested slam. the heat pull away late to win, 114-108. >>> in the college ranges now, number 5 kansas struggles on the road against texas christian. the jayhawks scored 13 points in the second half. they can't recover from the slow first half and they lose. it's the first big win for texas. >>> a rough night for carey price. he takes a shot right between the these. things didn't get much better for him. he gives up two third period goals to boston and a little more than two minutes and the bruins win, 2-1. >>> when we return now, weighing his political future. new jersey governor chris christie has choice words for a former white house doctor who offered a dire prediction. ♪ the freshenator. the
national. >>> lance armstrong has until february 20th to decide whether he's going to cooperate with the u.s. doping agency. that's if he wants his lifetime ban from sports reduced. now, the usada had given him until today to figure things out, but reportedly he's in talks with the agency now so they've given him a two week extension. if it goes through, it could reduce his ban to eight years. >>> a disappearance and murder rocked a district and it made national headlines more than a decade ago. we're talking about shaundraleve vee levy. we break it all down. -- shaundra levy. >> it started with questions, and 12 years later it has an eni enigma. the judge shut out the public and the media. tomorrow we try again. for a year, her disappearance was a mystery. for years her murder unsolved. and now the 2-year-old murder conviction of washington intern shaundra levy's killer may end up a widow. he's on his way back from dc for a potentially top secret hearing thursday. now, we're hearing that the integrity of a witness possibly one who was a convict who met the 30-year-old in prison whose word
justicia, y tienen la misiÓn de atraparlos a cualquier costo. luego del escÁndalo de lance armstrong hablianeo ciclistas que lo conocieron, un niÑo guerriello, de combatiente a religioso, la invasiÓn de serpientes una competencia para deteterlas. >>> aquÍ y ahora este domingo a la 7/6 centro, nos vamos, buenas noches.
to be revenue neutral, self-supporting. how could they generate funds to be a sponsor of lance armstrong's cycling team? how does that work? you're not the only one to raise the point, but keep in mind they spend every year hundreds of millions of dollars on marketing and promotion. that cycling team deal will cost just a fraction of that. however again you're not the only one to question them and their financial view. the big daddy, for example from virginia says that too bad that they let their financial situation get to this point. it is what it is. or get on the right track. compete with your competitors on this level, happening to their mind to have off the hook idea. and some of the best of them to get you back in the game. well, if the game involves the business schools, then i think that you could claim victory there, but i do get your point. however people should be more appreciative of the post office. they do not understand that we've got the cheapest here. once we privatize it, we lose control and rates will skyrocket. now, they should be celebrating them even though that it
's the message the united states antidoping agency is sending to cyclist lance armstrong. the organization has given him a two-week extension to decide if he wants to cooperate with their investigation. the usda could reduce arm strong's life ban to just eight years if he cooperates. >>> still to come when the news continues, see how britain is using new technology to tackle its age old pound puppy problem. >> but first too, close for comfort. see what happens when a whale decides to join a boating excursion off the >>> a trip in a canoe off the coast of hawaii turned into a whale watching excursion by surprise. a humpback whale came out of nowhere and nearly capsized the canoe that carried to people. the couple from arizona was not injured and they say the whale didn't appear to be injured as it swam away. >>> an amazing robotic reproduction of the human body is now on display at london's science museum. robotics experts have built what they've dubbed a million dollar bionic man deplete with artificial organs, synthetic blood, and robotic limbs. he's 6'6" and he was put together during the mo
a lance armstrong para que decida si quiere ser parte de la colaboración de las autoridades para las investigaciones. >>> tenemos dos más félix hernández firmó un contrato de 7 años y 175 millones de dólares, es el lanzador mejor pagado de la historia de las mayores, lionel messi también firmó su contrato por más de 200 millones de euros, para más información visite univisión deportes punto com, continuamos con más de primer impacto. >>> gracias, antonieta. >>> cuerpos hola que tal, les habla ilia calderonel noreste del pais bajo nieveenvian desde colombia a miami a profuga de la justicia estadounidense. firma messi por otros cinco aqosla tormenta mas severa de la actual temporada invernal afecta hoy a varios estados, pero en especial los del noreste del pais.colombia repatrio a miami a magda luz lavin, quien habia sido condenada a 15 aqos de prision por fraude y permanecia profuga de la justicia estadounidense desde 2006, cuando huyo del sur de florida. y el futbolista argentino lionel messi firmo la ampliacion de su contrato con el club espaqol barcelona hasta el 30
, don't bogart that joint which is f ofed up the wazzoo. >> with all of this lance armstrong back and forth saga that is only seeming to end now, maybe if there is a foolproof way to detect drugs, it is a good thing. >> no. >> coming from you, of course. >> if you can detect drugs in hair bill would be the rainforest of coke. >> that's why i wear a wig. >> that is a wig because bill you are totally hairless for this reason. >> i predict the uncle fester look is going to be rocking at rock land high real soon. >> that was the whole point behind britney spears shaving. >> the theory was her husband wanted to get custody and he was going to take a drug test via her hair. as a result she shaved her head. and judging from the up skirt photos she took, she was very thorough. >> that's disgusting. >> i am an investigating reporter. >> if they took your kids' hair and drug tested it, would you care? >> i would care. i don't want the school to do this stuff. i am sort of a civil libertarian. i will take the hair and test it myself. i believe the parents should do it themselves. i would put
spray, which of course, was banned after lance armstrong became the first hooved winner of the tour de france. [ laughter ] i did not know this -- evidently, deer antlers contain "a hormone called igf1 that is thought to help muscle recovery." lewis has strongly denied these accusations, and has some choice words about his accuser. >> the guy has no credibility. he's been sued four times over the same bs. don't let people from the outside ever come and try to disturb what's inside. you know, and that's the trick of the devil. the trick of the devil is to kill, steal and destroy. that's what he comes to do. he comes to distract you for everything you're trying to do. >> stephen: well said. because the best way to prove you're not on drugs is to talk about how the devil is trying to make you do things. [ laughter ] personally, i think all the players should take this stuff. the nfl has a real head-injury problem, and antlers are nature's helmet. [ laughter ] in fact, all football teams should be permitted to take performance enhancing drugs, as long as they're extracted from their team's
. >> thank you, randi. >>> a good and very timely discussion there. >>> lance armstrong, the grammys and new york fashion week this week, certainly going to be a busy one. we'll get you up to speed with what you need to know. >>> welcome back, everyone. about seven minutes before the top of the hour now. time to get you ready for the week ahead. another busy one. on monday we have been talking about the boy scout's possible decision coming monday. we could possibly hear, according to the reports, that the governing board is going to vote on whether or not to remove the ban on gay members. we could possibly hear a decision on that one on monday. also on wednesday, we'll be talking a lot about lance armstrong. that is the deadline for him to testify to the u.s. anti-doping agency. he admitted to oprah that he used banned substances and he will not testify before the deadline that he has been given on thursday talking about fashion week this morning. new york begins fashion week and run until valentine's day and after new york it will go to london, milan and paris. events in all of those cities
the oakland a's. and lance armstrong may have just cut a deal. we'll have the latest on that as abc 7 news there is no mass-produced human. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dualair technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs. each of your bodies. our sleep professionals will help you find your sleep number setting. exclusively at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort... individualized. at the ultimate sleep number event, queen mattresses start at just $599. and save 50% on our innovative limited edition bed. barrow island has got rare kangaroos. ♪ chevron has been developing energy here for decades. we need to protect their environment. we have a strict quarantine system to protect the integrity of the environment. forty years on, it's still a class-a nature reserve. it's our job to look after them.'s my job to look after it. ♪ >>> after learning that he was the target of a criminal investigation abc 7 news says that lance armstrong is reversing course. he ha
. >>> lance armstrong is being sued. a company filed the lawsuit today. they are suing over the $12 million in bonuses they paid him for winning the tour de france. lance armstrong admitted to winning the tour de france. >>> a police officer accused of killing three people has a bay area connection, coming up, we are going through the first interview with bill bratton -- with bill bratton. -- with former los angeles police department chief bill bratton.
and manti te'o. each appeals to just 15% of the public. lance armstrong. >> can i get the lance armstrong thing. >> i'm surprised that kobe bryant wasn't on that list. >> i can see those for different reasons. >> i sort of feel bad for manti te'o. >> why? >> maybe he shouldn't be the most dislined. >> i think there are issues there. >> there are some circumstances there. >> we better move on. >> all right. what's up? >> i don't want to be your most disliked weather forecaster. better hurry. 37 at reagan national. it is cold. it will be a chilly start to your day. later this afternoon, partly sunny and mid-40s. hopefully, we'll see some sun. we've been trying to the last couple of days to get a little sun in the forecast. i think we'll get some later today. 37 as memorandummed in washington. 30 in manassas. north and west, our friends in hagerstown, 36 out in winchester. temperatures on the chill iside. this is kind of typical of close to where we should be for early february. not much wind right now butt wind will pick up a little bit here in the wake of the latest clipper system. frederi
involvement with the live hedge fund, who had lance armstrong as an endorser. have you seen any affect of the lance armstrong scandal affecting that business? >> not at all. quite the contrary. our live strong funds, target date series, remain top ranked by all of the major objective consultants, morningstar, bright scope studies, because of the risk adjusted returns they offer and value they offer to clients. on a broader level, american century remains committed to the global fight against cancer and in fact through our unique ownership structure, over 40% of our profits go to fight kearns and either even based diseases through our ownership by the institute for medical research. so we continue to be proud of the work we do on behalf of cancer fighting and live strong fund is chief among them. >> thank pup rich weiss, we appreciate you being with us. >>> to josh lipton now with a market flash. josh? >> tyler, royal caribbean cruises is choppy after warning that fuel year is below earning estimates. as the cruise ship company recorded a big impairment charge. but bookings are strong.
, as well. that scary manhunt in los angeles. and last night, at the last minute, lance armstrong agrees to cooperate with the anti-doping investigation. we'll have all the details on that ahead. >>> and two of the country's biggest airlines are on the brink of merging this morning. american and u.s. airways. what that tie-up means for everyone who flies. >> yeah. look at the miles. >>> we do have other big news to share with you. are you all ready for this? it's our biggest mega "deals & steals" ever. all for you. a very big crowd. there it is. the first of many sirens here today. that, indicating, a flash deal. flash deal. >>> let's get right to the huge winter storm on track for the northeast. it's a combination of two systems coming out of the midwest and the south. am i doing good, sam? >> you're going well. >> that's better grammar. it will be packing a lot of snow. and a lot of people want to know how much. >> let's show you what it looks like in wisconsin. this was the northern line that amy was describing. this is light snow and ice covering the roads. this storm, when it gets t
announcing is sticking by decisions, not to pursue any charges against cyclist lance armstrong. >> it was in february of 2012 after two years of investigations that prosecutors announced they were dropping the case against the united states postal service bike squad. the post office had been a sponsor of the team. at the time, prosecutors did not give any reason for dropping the case. armstrong's attorney said, despite the fact that armstrong was stripped of his tour de france titles, he does not have to pay back his bonus money. >> the army corp of engineers says to of the great lakes have hit their lowest water levels ever recorded in. measurements of lake huron and lake michigan were taken last month and a cap more than a rain, snow fall and higher temperatures than boost evaporation. the corpse says water levels could go even lower over the next few months. >> we will be right back. 0ñ@Ñ thyou eat weiyou lose it's a great plan... until you get hungry. that's the time to take slimful. one tasty 90-calorie slimful and a glass of water satisfies hunger
has been thwarted. some new problems for lance armstrong. reports that there is a new investigation that could lead to some serious charges for him. gregg: criminal charges. forecasters from predicting a blockbuster storm. the question is, is it head your way? martha: new allegations of crony capitalism as a big donor and friend the the white house just received a massive contract to give high-end smartphones to the unemployed. but does the program work? remember this from the last election. >> everybody in cleveland got phones. he gave us a phone. you sign up, you got no income, you get disability. hey, our salads. [ bop ] [ bop ] [ bop ] you can do that all you want, i don't like v8 juice. [ male announcer ] how about v8 v-fusion. a full serving of vegetables, a full serving of fruit. but what you taste is the fruit. so even you... could've had a v8. and save hundreds with our best offer yet, now extended due to popular demand. get an adt security system starting at just $49 installed, but only for a limited time. that's an instant savings of $250. don't leave your family's safety
. >>> there are new legal options for lance armstrong. he is facing many charges and they believe he tried to cover up his drug use by threatening potential witnesses. now the sports insurance company that paid armstrong more than $10 million in bonuses now plans to file a lawsuit to recover its money. armstrong admitted using performance enhancing drugs during a television interview with oprah whimphrey. >>> the comedian cat williams finally faced a sacramento judge. he evaded police on a three wheel motorcycle in november. he is also accused of slapping a store employee. he claims he missed court because he was in southern california fighting for custody of his children. he will have another hearing at the end of the month. >>> time now 7:47 sal is back, how is highway 24 doing? >> well, it is getting busier and as you drive over to the tunnel there are no major problems but you can see it is getting busier. there are no problems on interstate 880 down to san ramon and a lot people make that drive and so far it's good. 880 to oakland that is getting more crowded but we have a theme, so far it is goo
night, at the last minute, lance armstrong agrees to cooperate with the anti-doping investigation. we'll have all the details on that ahead. >>> let's get to the breaking news. this is from kabc's chopper in los angeles. the breaking details about the suspect. accused of killing at least three people now in california. l.a. police have been racing to find one of their own, a rogue excop suspected of gunning down a basketball coach and her fiance, apparently an act of revenge against her father, also a police officer. david wright has the latest. >> reporter: this is a developing story. and changing fast. overnight, two separate incidents, about an hour east of l.a., a total of three police officers shot overnight. one of them killed. and the suspect appears to have gotten away. police here are on manhunt this morning for a former l.a. cop appearing to be hell-bent on revenge. >> today, we've identified christopher jordan dorner. >> reporter: police say they believe he's responsible for killing monica quan, the daughter of a retired lapd captain. >> she had such a big heart. why take h
tienen la misiÓn de atraparlos a cualquiera costo. >>> tambiÉn, tras el escÁndalo, lance armstrong hablan ciclistas que lo conocieron de cerca y un niÑo guerrillero de combatiente a religioso. la invasiÓn de las serpientes y una competencia para detenerlas. >>> aquÍ y ahora este domingo a las 7 de la noche, 6 centro a quien le va usted maÑana en el super tazÓn. el mundo anomalÍa eligiÓ sus favoritos. cuando regresemos le
.k. you feel this kind of weight. >> the writers are trying to forget about drugs, cheating, and lance armstrong. they are going to be covering 700 kilometers in the first race. it is 145 kilometers. the team set off from johan with the most successful writer -- from doha with the most successful rider. they did not appear to affect the outcome. the american was winning a sprint finish. sprint finish.
warriors. >>> y lance armstrong es el deportista más odiado de los estados unidos, el segundo es monty tarjeta de débito y el tercero tiger woods. >>> los 49ers de san francisco limpiaron sus instalaciones. >e>> l quarterback dijo que recordará la temporada como la temporada que no fue la suficientemente bueno. >>> los jugadores lamentaron haber perdido ante los ravnes. >>> la mayoría dice que no ha visto el partido de nuevo. >>> la agencia de transporte de santa clara comprará 33 autobuses nuevos, los nuevos vehículos son híbridos y andan con energía eléctrica y diesel para reducir en un 95% el óxido de nitroso y la contaminación de los camiones que solo usan diesel, además tiene más espacio para llevar bicicletas y servicio de internet inalámbrico. >>> vamos a ver qué tal el frío que hace, porque tenemos a guillermo quiroz. >>> gracias, qué tal, buenas noches, vamos precisamente a hablar qué hay en el pacífico, es un sistema que está en el norte de california ,que
at an a an abc news source says lance armstrong is being investigated by federal authorities. it is part of a criminal investigation. the source says they are looking into charges of obstruction, witness tampering and intimidation by armstrong. his fellow cyclists have said armstrong coerced them into using performance enhancing drugs. armstrong was cleared of charges in southern california and today the same attorney reiterated that armstrong would not be charged. but an abc news source says the attorney does not speak for the federal government as a whole. >>> gas prices nationwide have jumped 18 cents in a week. that's the biggest seven-day spike in nearly two years time. the average price for a gallon of regular is now $3.54 a gallon. experts blame it on rising oil prices and tension in the middle east. here in california of course it is even higher, $3.91 a gallon. that's in part because refineries are preparing to switch from winter grade to summer grade fuel. san francisco typically has some of the highest gas prices in the state. but look at pump prices in los angeles. one statio
are laying criminal charges against lance armstrong. sources tell us that armstrong is being investigated for obstruction of justice, and witness intimidation. armstrong admitted to using drugs while winning seven tour de france titles. investigators are looking into whether he tried to maintain his secrets by threatening potential witnesses. he must come clean under oath. the u.s. anti-doping agents or he'll lose any chance to have his lifetime ban from competitive sports reduced. >>> the baltimore ravens are still partying. tens of thousands of fans lined city streets yesterday to cheer on their team as the city shut down for its celebratory parade. the parade route ended at mmt bank stadium, packed with more fans on the field and in the bleachers. >> ain't no party like a super bowl party. >>> time, now, for a look at weather from across the country. some thunderstorms threatening the central gulf coast. also, it will be rainy in the pacific northwest. we'll have some fog and clouds that will keep temperatures cool in southern california. also, some showers in oklahoma city and kansas
Search Results 60 to 87 of about 194 (some duplicates have been removed)